SJB School Board

Welcome to the SJB Board of Specified Jurisdiction Page!

In accordance with the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools (2013-2016) , our Pastor, Fr. Wayne Watts, has established a Board of Specified Jurisdiction to assist in the school’s governance in specified areas, consistent with the policies, procedures, guidelines, regulations, and best practices promulgated by the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Office of Catholic Schools.

For the 2015-16 school year, our Board is comprised of 20 members.  Each member is appointed by the pastor for a specified term–usually 3 years, because of the skill set and expertise of the member.  A maximum of twenty percent (20%) of the Board members may be non-Catholic.  Board members may be:

–   parishioners;

–   alumni/alumnae and parents of alumni/alumnae;

–   leaders within the neighborhood, civic, business, and professional communities; and

–   school  parents and guardians (up to 25% of membership).

The Archbishop empowers the members of the BSJ through the pastor  with specified responsibilities/powers.  The major areas of responsibility of the BSJ are:  1) fiscal management, which includes financial resources and the physical plant; and 2) institutional advancement, which includes development, communication, marketing and recruitment, enrollment management and student retention. The Board also attends to the school’s mission effectiveness, as well as board member development and board evaluation, and the planning and development of local policy as needed.

2015-16 St. John Berchmans Board of Specified Jurisdiction Board Members

Jose Cardona

Mary Cahillane

Margaret Roketenetz

Allan Syc

Rev. Wayne F. Watts

Trish Chalcraft

Ned Costello

Ed Grochowiak

Sherry Johnson

Kathleen Kania

Kirsten Kranz

Corey Matthiessen

Annabela Mendizabal

Mary Jean Mendizabal

Martin O’Connor

Zachary Olswewski

Barbara Rieckhoff

Andrew Wilson

Hunter Young