Classroom Sites

At St. John Berchmans School, our classes are alive with exciting learning, engaged students and committed teachers!  But you don’t need to take our word for it.  See for yourself by visiting any of our classroom blogs below!

Early Childhood


The Friendly Frogs PK Class
Zaino_Ms. Mary Jean261Mrs. Mary Jean Zaino


Salamone_Ms. Eileen222Mrs. Eileen Salamone


The Intelligent Inchworms
Mrs. Susie Metoyer


Ms. Meghan Meyers


The Wise Owls PK Class
Gomez_Mrs. Cristina91Mrs. Cristina Gomez


Ms. Allison Kotas


The Ocean Buddies PK Class
Peters_Ms. Jennifer190Ms. Jenny Peters


Schap_Mrs. Margaret227Mrs. Maggie Schap



The Shooting Stars Kindergarten Class
Burke_Ms. Elizabeth28Mrs. Elizabeth Antall



Ms. Julie Kurzynski, Kindergarten AideKurzynski_Ms. Julie138


Elementary School

Primary Grades

Faucher_Ms. Lindsey74First Grade
Ms. Lindsey Faucher



Determann_Ms. Melissa63Second Grade
1185114_507987395955954_1531968321_nMs. Melissa Determann


Engel_MaureenThird Grade
Ms. Maureen Engel


Middle School

Fourth Grade
Mrs. Kristen Borrasso


Schwider_Mr. Larry231Fifth Grade
Mr. Larry Schwider


Junior High

Contraveos_Ms. Anya50Sixth Grade
Mrs. Anya Contraveos


Shewmon_SallySeventh Grade
Mrs. Sally Shewmon


Eighth GradeBegley_Ms. Carolyn14[1]
Ms. Carolyn Begley

Specials Programs

Russo_Ms. Petie220Art Classes
Mrs. Petie Russo


Parker_MonicaTechnology and Foreign Language Classes
Mrs. Monica Parker


Gaskill_Ms. Elizabeth88Reading Classes
Ms. Elizabeth Gaskill


Kim_Mrs. Evelyn134Physical Education Classes
Mrs. Evelyn Kim


Music Classes
Mr. Scott Arkenberg